The Tour Guide Side Hustle

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Show Your Strength: Conquer the Tour Guide Hustle and Make Extra Money on Your Terms

My wife and I took some trips to Boston and Italy this year, which meant a lot of walking and tours. I just realized that the enjoyment of any tour depends mainly on the tour guide. So I asked our tour guides some questions about how they got into tour guiding and what tips they had for anyone wanting to become a tour guide.

The answers I got were fascinating! The most common path was for people who already had full-time jobs but wanted to make extra money. They found that becoming a tour guide allowed them to use their existing knowledge of an area and make extra money on their terms.

Become a Tour Guide to make extra money

Are you tired of the same old 9 to 5 hustle? Do you want to take control of your income and make money on your terms?

If you are lucky enough to live in a city with many tourist attractions, consider becoming a tour guide to make some extra cash.

Tour guiding can be incredibly lucrative, pays well, and allows you to simultaneously meet new people and explore your city.

If you are funny, quick-witted, and willing to learn, you can make a pretty good living as a tour guide. Tourists are always looking for entertaining and knowledgeable guides to explore the city, so if you meet these criteria, it’s time to start preparing!

The first step in becoming a tour guide is deciding whether you want to work for someone to start your own company. Working for a company might be the best option if you’re beginning because it will allow you to get some experience and hone your skills. If you decide to create your own business, ensure you understand all the regulations of being a self-employed tour guide in your city.

Benefits of working for a tour guide company

When you work for a tour guide company, you usually don’t have to worry about marketing and can instead focus on giving great tours. The company will take care of the advertising and provide training and resources. Additionally, they may also offer insurance and other benefits that come with being employed by them. Plus, they can work with your busy first response schedule.

Benefits to starting your own touring company

When you start your own tour guide company, you can set your schedule and control pricing. You don’t have to worry about regulations or marketing because you can do it yourself. Additionally, you can make more money with a self-owned business.

To learn how to generate leads and market your business, check out our homepage and how we can teach you how to generate business and market for yourself or even other companies.

Tour Guide Responsibilities and Requirements

According to Betterteam, Succeeding as a tour guide requires being an exceptional storyteller and delivering top-notch customer service. A standout tour guide can make minor changes to each itinerary depending on the distinct interests of their guests.


  • Greeting and welcoming customers
  • Planning itineraries per weather forecasts and the length of each tour
  • Scheduling visits and purchasing tickets to museums, galleries, protected parks, and other attractions ahead of time, if required
  • Planning alternate activities if cancellations, closures, or weather prohibit you from attending scheduled events
  • Organizing equipment for each tour.
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout and history of the region or establishment where you will work.
  • Familiarize customers with each region or establishment.
  • Directing customers to other, non-competing services that might be of interest to them

First Responders make excellent tour guides.

Tour guiding is a highly skilled profession requiring excellent knowledge about where you lead people. It also requires excellent communication and customer service skills to ensure that everyone has a good time and is comfortable.

First responders have all of these skills in abundance. They are experts at communicating with people in difficult situations, know how to handle demanding customers, and have vast knowledge about their locations.

This makes them perfect for tour-guiding jobs. First responders are also used to working under pressure and dealing with emergencies, another skill that comes in handy when leading tours. They are patient, reliable, and can stay calm under pressure, which makes them ideal tour guides.

Touring Types

Various types of tours can be given, depending on the interests and needs of the group. Some popular tours include educational tours, historical tours, and haunted tours. Bar crawls are also a popular tour, especially for young people who want fun while learning about their destination.

Educational tours are perfect for groups who want to learn more about the history and culture of their destination. These tours typically focus on one specific topic, such as the city’s history or the architecture of local buildings. Historic tours are also an excellent option for those interested in history, as they offer a more in-depth look at the events and people that have shaped a particular area.

Haunted tours are perfect for those who enjoy a good scare! These tours visit haunted locations and tell the stories of the ghosts said to haunt them.

Bar crawls are ideal for groups who want fun while exploring new places. Participants visit several different bars in one night and often receive discounts on drinks at participating establishments.

Tips for becoming a tour guide

So you’ve decided to start a Tour Guide Hustle. Excellent! There are a few things you can do to help get started. First, be sure to market yourself well. Make a website or social media page and list your services. Promote yourself in your local community, online, and to any groups or organizations interested in what you offer.

It’s also essential to build a customer base. Try getting referrals from past customers and building relationships with local businesses and tour operators. You’ll find it easier to attract new customers when you have a good reputation.

Of course, the best way to learn is by doing. Get started by offering tours of your local area, or choose a destination and learn everything you can about it. The more knowledgeable and experienced you are, the better your tours will be. Be sure to stay up-to-date on events and attractions in your area so you can offer exciting and current information to your guests.

The Tour Guide Hustle is an excellent way for firefighters and first responders to make extra money. With a little bit of work, they can quickly build a successful business that fits around their hectic schedules. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a tour guide, check our website for more tips and advice.

What is the best side hustle for 2023?

Being in the construction industry for over 15 years, I always looked for a way to make a side income. That is when I stumbled upon lead generation.

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Using lead generation techniques has helped me start new businesses and help other business owners grow their businesses. Lead generation is easy to do and builds a sem-passive income. When done right, it can be one of the best side hustles for 2023. Schedule a free call or check out some of our testimonies to learn more.

Jarret Miller

Jarret Miller

Coming from a contractor background, I ventured into lead generation in 2020 and became a full-time internet entrepreneur by 2021.

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