Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Join an MLM

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Multi-level marketing, or MLM, is a type of direct selling in which independent salespeople sell products or services through a network of distributors. These distributors can recruit other salespeople to join their network, creating a pyramid-like structure. While there are some legitimate MLM companies out there, many of them are nothing more than pyramid schemes in disguise. Here are the top 5 reasons you shouldn’t join an MLM.

First, I am not wholly against Multi Level Marketing; I have joined more than one. I even made a few bucks. “I wasn’t just a distributor; I was also a client.”

So the rest of this article will be mostly my opinion and some fun facts!

You’re probably going to lose money.

Most people who join MLMs end up losing money, not making it. 99% of people who join MLMs will never make a profit. Insert video of surprise here… In fact, most people will not make over $500 joining an MLM.

That is not $500 a month, not $500 a week; I am talking about a lifetime!
(It, ok chew a gummy or two now)

Joining an MLM, you essentially become a distributor, marketer, and worst recruiter… (gag Reflex initiated).

Distributors are often left holding the bill for expensive inventory that they can’t sell, and they quit before they see any real profit.

You know the drill, call all your friends and family and tell them about a product they will love.

Yap, about an opportunity of a lifetime…

Then wake up every morning to check to see if you had made any money before your next product order ger debited from your account ( what a crock of shit).

You’re likely to alienate your friends and family.

Most people who join MLMs do so in hopes of making some extra money on the side.

Buy some new clothes, get a new car, Maybe a Lambo.

However, what usually ends up happening is your family starts screening your calls and ignoring your DM’s.

We all know what the FB post looks like…RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY FAST, is what they are seeing.

The products are often overpriced and of poor quality.

As MLM distributors sell their products or services, they are incentivized to make their products as overpriced as possible.

Before joining an MLM, research the quality of the products or services offered.

Remember, there are significant differences in quality when purchasing an item for Wallyworld vs. Saks on Fifth Avenue.

You’ll have to work hard with very little chance of success.

Building an MLM business is a lot of work, and most people who try it fail.

You’ll need to spend long hours networking and selling, often waiting to see results for months or even years.

And even if you do see some success, you’ll likely need to earn more to quit your day job.

That’s why you will see your family and friends jump from one MLM to another, thinking that it was the product, pay structure, or lacking leadership in the last one.

You’ll be under constant pressure to recruit new members.

Success in any MLM requires recruiting a sales force to sell your products or services.

The pressure to recruit can be intense, and members often resort to pressuring friends and family to join.

Nobody got time for that. I can imagine it; hide your Kids hide you, wife; they are recruiting everybody around here.

Once you’ve recruited a few people, you’ll need to train and support them so they can be successful. This requires even more time and effort on your part.

To make money in an MLM, you need to recruit new members into your “downline” (the people you recruited also need to recruit other people). The cycle continues of unhappy people.

How did I break out of the MLM Madness?

I am a hard worker and can put my head down, but I also want to own my success and failures.

I wanted my success and failure to be independent of my downline.

I wanted to be able to work hard and see a direct correlation between my efforts.

I wanted time, freedom, and the ability to work from anywhere.

So, I ditched the MLMs, took my talents elsewhere, and never looked back!

And guess what…I am successful, happy, and free! year

What worked for Me, you ask…

I went on an 8-month journey researching MLMs, Drop Shipping, and Digital Marketing, Searching and researching all the “Internet Gurus” like Jeff Lerner, Andrew Tate, Grant Cardone, and others..

I looked at programs like Hustlers University, Modern Millionaires, and even other MLMs like Bodi, formerly known as Beachbody (they changed their names to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.)

I found what I was looking for and want to share it with you!

Suppose you’re interested in learning more about how I broke and took the best out of training, books like (Rich Dad Poor Dad) and programs like Hustler University and Modern Millionaires. In that case, you need to learn about Digital Real Estate and Lead Generation.

Lead Generation has been around since the beginning of commerce.

Like way back when we bartered for everything we needed. I imagine the first caveman telling his buddy, “I know a guy who gives you three goats for that new shiny rock you have.”

What has changed is the technology and how we reach people.

The Internet has made it possible to generate leads on a global scale at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

To learn how I and thousands like me have learned a scalable skill that allows me to earn thousands of dollars a month in passive income, click here now!

You will be happy you did.

Until next time,

Stay Beastmode, My Friends!

If you are considering joining an MLM, do your research and be sure it is the right fit.

Firefighters have enough on their plates without worrying about joining a sketchy MLM company. Not only is there a good chance that you’ll lose money, but you could also end up alienating your friends and family members with your constant selling and recruiting pitches. Find a better side hustle instead.

Jarret Miller

Jarret Miller

Coming from a contractor background, I ventured into lead generation in 2020 and became a full-time internet entrepreneur by 2021.

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