What to consider before becoming a firefighter?

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Should I become a firefighter?

There’s no doubt that firefighter is a highly respected and admirable profession. But is it the right career for you? Here are some things you need to consider before making up your mind. And answering the question, “Should I become a firefighter?”

What firefighters do on a day-to-day basis

Firefighting is a highly respected and admirable profession that many people consider a career. But what does a firefighter do on a day-to-day basis?

Firefighters typically perform many duties, such as fighting fires, providing emergency medical services, and conducting public education. They may also be involved in search and rescue operations.

Depending on how populated the area you decide to work in, you may respond to more fire calls than medical ones. However, even if you’re not fighting fires daily, you must be prepared for the possibility. You can expect to handle more emergency response calls in highly populated urban areas than in rural areas.

Firefighters in more rural or wooded areas, such as in Northern California, may spend their days more on fire prevention activities like conducting brush clearing and public education.

Many firefighters find themselves with lots of time on their hands between calls, and they use this time to perform maintenance on equipment, do physical training, and eat. But it is also a perfect time to work on your online side hustle or start planning for retirement.

The necessary qualifications to become a firefighter.

To become a firefighter, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Some departments may require you to have completed some college coursework, but it is not always necessary.

You must also be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. You must pass a physical and civic service exam and a background check.

Once you meet the necessary requirements to be considered, most applicants will have to attend a fire training academy. The academy will provide you with the required skills and knowledge to perform your duties as a firefighter.

Of course, every state and county has different requirements, so you must research the specific needs of the area you wish to work.

What the firefighter hiring process looks like

The hiring process varies from department to department, but you can expect there to be a written exam, an interview, and a physical agility test.

The written exam will test your knowledge of the firefighter job and its duties. The interview is given by a panel of firefighters who ask you questions about your motivation for wanting to become a firefighter and the qualities you have that would make you successful in the job.

The physical agility test is designed to ensure that you are physically fit enough to perform the duties of a firefighter. This test will vary depending on the department, but it may include tasks such as climbing stairs while carrying equipment, running, and dragging hoses.

The benefits of being a firefighter

There are many benefits to being a firefighter. First and foremost, firefighters enjoy a high level of job security. They also have decent good pay and excellent health insurance and retirement plans.

Firefighters also have the opportunity to help people in their time of need and make a difference in their community.

Most Firefighters work 24 hours on and 48 hours off, which leaves a lot of free time to pursue other interests. This schedule allows firefighters to hold down a second job or start a side hustle. Depending on your preferences, this type of schedule can be a pro or con.

Some firefighters have households with two income earners, which can help them save for retirement more quickly. Others prefer the 24-hour shifts because it allows them more time to spend with their families.

Early Retirement

After 20 years of fighting fires, many firefighters can retire. So, if you start early enough in your career, you could potentially retire in your mid-forties. That means you could be retired earlier than Tom Brady, minus the millions of dollars, the sexy wife, and six Super Bowl Rings.

Unfortunately, unless you invest wisely or have a well-paying side hustle, you may not have enough money to live comfortably on your pension alone.

To make sure you can retire when you want to, start saving as early as possible and invest in a retirement plan that will provide you with the income you need.

If your goal is to retire with millions of dollars like Tom Brady, one of the best side hustles for firefighters is starting a lead generation company online, which can create many millionaires.

If you are interested in becoming a firefighter, doing your research and knowing what to expect is critical. Ensure you understand the requirements, the hiring process, and the benefits.

The drawbacks of being a firefighter

Low Pay

Although firefighters make a decent wage, their salaries are often lower than other professions with similar levels of education and experience. The average firefighter in the United States makes $50,850 annually, below the national average of $59,000.

Long Hours

Another downside of being a firefighter is the long hours. Firefighters often work 24-hour shifts, which can be physically and emotionally demanding.

The unpredictability of their shifts can also make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a good work-life balance. Firefighters may miss important family events or have difficulty spending time with their friends and loved ones.

The job can be dangerous and stressful.

Firefighters risk their lives every day to protect others. They are exposed to hazardous materials and have traumatic experiences that can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The job is also physically demanding, and firefighters often have to work long hours. Due to the nature of the job, firefighters also have a high rate of injury and illness.

6. The bottom line

So, considering becoming a firefighter, you should weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding. Consider your motivation for wanting to become a firefighter and whether you are prepared to deal with the challenges of the job.

It is a good idea to talk to a firefighter to get first-hand experience with the job. This will give you a more realistic picture of whether being a firefighter is the right career. Don’t forget to check out all our other articles about firefighters and their side hustles.

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